Friday, June 06, 2008

A Day at the Dentist

On Wednesday Kasey and I had a dentist appointment. She was excited to go, because when she had went for her check up she had gotten a nifty bracelet. So she knew she would get a prize. I was in for my cleaning, and she needed a cavity filled. When Kynzie was smaller I always had to hold her hand, so I wasn't real sure how she would react. She was so good... she went right with the dentist, and talked to him about her cousins, and how old she was... and when asked when she was going to turn five... she said "about two minutes." I felt perfectly comfortable with her staying as I slipped into the next room, so I could have my teeth cleaned. I could hear her occasionally talk to him, but mostly she was just calm and relaxed in the dentist chair. When we were done she got a sugar free sucker for a prize????? The dentist is conveniently located behind Target, so we stopped to get her something for being so good. We found some nice little toys and were on our way out the door, when I noticed blood running down my girlie's lip.... what the heck??? Then I realized what a dope I was, what a dope the dentist was for giving her a sucker while her lip was still numb. She had chomped her lip to shreds. Lesson learned, don't let your child eat right after dentist appointment. I felt so bad that when we stopped at Walmart to get some food for a visit with the Whitings at our house, I bought her the Indiana Jones Whip she's been wanting, money can buy a little less guilt, not really, but she was happy!


Amie said...

awwww, poor thing!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the doctor didn't "clue in" that maybe a sucker with a numb mouth is a BAD idea!!

Poor Casey! Can I come over and play with the new Indiana Jones toy?


... said...

We do not give suckers at our office. We have a treasure chest and we also always try to reming the parent and the child to not chew on themselfs. Dont feel bad.