Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All Smiles and Sunshine... Oh and What Genre are YOU? I'm PG13

So I honestly am trying to turn over a more positive leaf. I spent all of last school year complaining about everything, mostly being trapped in my home. But now with summer winding down and a huge vat of ways to spend my time, I'm gearing up for the wonderment of it all. I really am looking forward to it all, and hope I don't take one minute for granted. I would like to learn to use my time efficiently. NO TV. Minimal Computer time. Maybe I could do some sewing, some scrapping (no I'm not a scrapper, but I have loads of pictures that I should do something with), some writing, some reading, some organizing, some crafting. Oh the joys of it all. I really feel this is my year, and I'm grinning from ear to ear about it.

The other thing I was thinking about today is a advertisement that I keep seeing on the family channel for the movie the Notebook. Its advertised as the epic love story. I started thinking about my own life. I know for the most part, it wouldn't make much of a movie. But I was thinking would my life be a Love Story, when I look back at it. Would it be a horror, or an action adventure. I mean in all reality it has a few of everything. There's been times I've been so in love it hurts... that my knight in shining armor rode in and saved the day. There's been drama. Moments that I felt scared right out of my boots. Moments that I felt lucky to be alive, times that I've laughed by butt off, times I feel straight out of a cartoon, and moments I felt safe and secure in my quiet life... the happily ever after. So what kind of movie would you be? And what rating would you receive.


leaner said...

Probably Dark Comedy and sadly rated R, for sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

Michelle said...

Oh, I'm so a cheesy teen chick flick, it isn't even funny. Most likely PG-13. Your husband even heard me swear on the phone with Nathan a few times. Oops!

Wasn't quilting on your bucket list? I can quilt. Let's make one or two with all your extra time. Michelle and I did denim last year for soccer. It was fun.