Thursday, August 07, 2008

Couples Survey (probably already did this one, oh well maybe I can make up some new answers)

[1] What are your middle names? Ann and Kenneth sitting in a tree... K I S S I N G
[2] How long have you been together? October of 92
[3] How long did you know each other before you started dating? 1 night
[4] Who asked whom out? I'm still waiting for him to ask me out
[5] How old are each of you?32 and 35
[6] What are your astrological signs? HMMM I'm a Libra... I don't know what he is, really important thing I guess
[7] When was your first kiss? Maybe a day or so after we met
[8] Who's mother do you see the most? Mine
[9]Who's father? Mine
[10] Do you have any children together? Yep all 4 of them
[11] What about pets? 2 cats, to dogs
[12] Do you have a song? We don't have a song... we have a whole mixed tape.
[13] Which bill is the hardest on you as a couple? Bills suck!
[14] Who pays the bills? He does... I'm really bad at that kind of stuff
[15] Who drives and who sits shotgun? He always drives, I don't think he likes for me to drive, even though I'm a much more safe and responsible driver.
[16] Did you go to the same school? Yes we did but totally different social circles.
[17] Are you from the same hometown? No I'm from the nicer town up the hill.
[18] Do you live in the same town now? Every other week.
[19] Who is the smartest? We are both smarter... depends on the subject
[20] Who is the most sensitive? Well I guess, I'm the girl.
[21] Where do you eat out at most as a couple? When we get time alone, we try a new place every time so I can't say we eat anywhere most.
[22] Where do you shop the most as a couple? I love Target, so probably there.
[23] Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple? As a couple... we don't go very far.
[24] Who has the best group of friends? HHMMM, I don't know. We're really not big socializers.
[25] Who has the craziest exes? Gosh considering that was years ago and really haven't seen any of them since high school, who cares.
[26] Who has the worst temper? Depends on the time of month, if you catch my drift.
[27] Who does the cooking? Mostly me, although he is a really good cook.
[28] Who is more social? neither
[29] Who is the neat-freak? we both have our moments
[30] Who is the most affectionate? Probably me
[31] Who is the most stubborn? Him I usually give into things eventually, I also forgive quicker
[32] Who hogs the bed? Oh him, but every other week I get it to myself
[33] Who wakes up earlier? when he's home I do, when he's at work he does
[34] Where was your first date? Halloween Party or like going out for a date, we went to Aladdin
[35] Who said I Love You first? Don't know
[36] Who has the bigger family? He has a lot of step siblings and half siblings so I guess him.
[37] Do you give/get flowers often? rarely
[38] How do you spend the holidays? We used to split time... but anymore its just us and my parents
[39] Do you have cute little names for each other? A** hole... just joking, kind of. Not really unless Hey You is a cute little name


leaner said...

Will's middle name is Kenneth, too.

I might try my hand at this one later. When my durn kids aren't crying.

Anonymous said...

"hey you" is a fine nickname if you ask me.