Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Answer to the BIG question!

I've been hearing a lot of the "so what are you going to do with all your free time???" lately. I'm not really very sure how to answer that question. It's not like I suddenly got an hour that I didn't have before the day still goes by the same old way. I have the same time... it's just seems now I have a million and one ways to not waste it. I'm not trying to sound bad in anyway, I just think for the last couple years I wasted a lot of time, because I was tied to other obligations. Now that my obligations are just that MINE... no matter what I do its not a waste of time because its what I choose to do. AAAHHH choice what a beautiful thing....
Today I started my day by choosing to get out of bed at 6:30... I stumbled out and immediately went into the little girls room... I'm pretty sure you don't want a visual of any of that. Then I made my way through the house to the sun room to let the doggies out to do there duty. (not an actual photo, of a dog doing it's duty.... she was just running in circles)
Then I hopped into the shower and hopped out.
Then in was on to breakfast...which by the way for the first time in my entire mommyhood, I've been making breakfast at least 4 times a week since I got home from Portland. (Giving myself a big pat on the back as we speak.) Then I woke the kiddos up with the song: Way Up in the Sky the Little Birds Fly, Way down in the nest the Little Birds Rest!

After they were all ready I drove them to school... which I really missed the last couple of years.

Round trip 5 minutes... when we returned I got Kasey settled into playing and watching Pokemon??? and I went out to mow the lawn. (Can you believe last spring this area didn't have grass at all.) Look at those nice lines!

And as if that wasn't enough... while talking to my friend C on the phone, I organized shoes, dusted my bedroom, and cleaned my bathroom... so sparkly!
Unfortunately my day then was slightly detoured because I had to run back to the school to pick up Ty who seems to have gotten a stomach bug... yuck!
When we returned from the school, I vacuumed my bedroom and got some rugs started in the wash (oh crap I better go put those out to dry.) and when I came back through saw Kasey had moved onto a little craft project I like to call- Making Confetti. SO instead of moving onto the kids bathroom, I skipped to a little living room cleaning.
When I really started to think about it, I realized it had been quite some time (over a year) that I have vacuumed out under the couches. So I decided it was time to do a little rearranging. I vacuumed underneath and dusted all the nooks and crannies.

While in my cleaning frenzy, I felt like one of my tables was lacking for appropriate decor. So I got a frame out and spray painted it in the backyard blue to match the stuff I already have in there. I had an old school book of my grandpas that was tattered and falling apart so I used a couple pages to make this...(sorry pics kind of fuzzy, must of been the wrong setting)
Oh yeah baby, then it was time for lunch...
When I was done with lunch it was 1:00.... not bad for one morning. Sure not every day will be like this... some will be busier some will be quieter... but that's the whole point. Mostly I'm dedicating my free? time to the most important project I could possible think of...
And hopefully I won't take one minute of our last year before school for granted.


Michelle said...

Wow! You're making me feel incredibly lazy. Although I, too, have been getting up at 6:30 so I can shower before the kiddos are up, and that is a better start on my mornings.

Amie said...

I love your play by play commentary. Good for you for takin' pics along the way. Enjoy. =)

I've been reading a ton, watching a movie here and there, scrapping, writing music, and of course, cleaning. And making peanut brittle.

Pen-nut said...

Yeah for you!! How great to have time to do whatever you want - and to spend time with just you and Kasey. That is a gift for her and you. Enjoy it!! And I won't tell you how many times I hear the "so you're kids are in school what are you doing now". We'll have to talk about it sometime. Love ya!!

Alex's Human said...

Two quick comments..

1- Is that really a picture of the heretofore secret "not a dog"?? If so, you now need to post one where we can actually SEE it??

2- See you could have taken some bagels and sent back pictures :)