Saturday, August 23, 2008


I woke up early this morning to wake up the boys so they could go on a float down the Madison river. I picked up a friend they were taking with them. I dropped them off. I got a call about 12 minutes later saying that they had left their life jackets in the back of the car. I agreed to drive the frontage road until I met them. I didn't have to go very far. I made it back home... in quiet bliss all day as the girls played games and kept pretty occupied. Then the boys got home... and I found out... I had a flat. Somewhere on route this morning I picked up a very very large spiky thing and it flattened my tire. BOO, BOO ON YOU SPIKEY THING. Especially because this being a small town and very quaint everything is closed until Monday. Luckily the very nice gentlemen that took the boys today, helped me get the other vehicle unhooked from the trailer so I could drive it around for the rest of the weekend. And on Monday I'll put my big girl panties on (that ones for you C, even though you won't read this until next Friday) and go get it fixed.


Michelle said...

LOVE the new picture. I know you took it yourself, which makes it all the more wonderful. And secondly, in case you can't find your big girl panties, I'd be happy to drive you around! (Won't the tire place come get it and fix it for you? If you asked nicely, they probably would.)

Amie said...

lol. you said panties. lol.