Sunday, August 24, 2008


I know I'm suppose to be a supportive mother... and believe me normally I'm all that and a ball of yarn, but honestly today was a dreaded day for me, because somewhere inside me I thought we'd escape the day that I actually have to go to... bum bum bum... Football sign ups. It's not that I hate football (well maybe a little, it stands for everything I hated about high school... glorified craziness... cheerleaders... pep rallies... need I say more) But beyond all that I really just didn't want to drive 82 miles for the games. I love my athletic boy... I cheer him on... pretty loudly, and sometimes I even live vicariously through his athleticism (because I was always a little clumsy and a lot self conscious to be a good athlete) But this one never has appealed to me much. I'm happy to see him excited to play, and participate in a team sport with his friends... and half of the football town we call home. I just wish the games were closer and I wouldn't have to go to half of them alone. Poor me... I know... Boo hoo. Well here we go onto the next adventure. And hey maybe I'll get me a nice blue sweatshirt that says Herder Mom... GO- FIght- win!!!


Michelle said...

Totally with you on the driving end. That's why we didn't do wrestling, which is what Ethan really wanted. I'm proud of you for supporting Ty, though. In the end, it will turn out to be fun, oh, but that's the cheerleader in me talking. You would have hated me in high school. ;)

Amie said...

HERDERS? really? That's almost as bad as Frogs. Sheesh, 82 miles? That's crazy. You're so good to support him that way!