Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 3: Hot to Cold, Bigfoot and The Goonies.

On Saturday we got up to take a drive to the coast. I was very excited to find out we were going to see Goonie Rock. Our first stop was Astoria... home of the Goonies and many a sea lion. Although I did not actually see any Goonies I did see Sea Lions and got to hear them barking. Next we crossed a big bridge and headed out into the fog, to see a light house. It was a bit chilly out there on the hill, I probably complained about being cold. Then we headed to the beach... where it was also foggy, and chilly, and the water was cold. I think we mostly went here, so Alexs Human could once and for all prove to CAT she could fly her kite. She did a good job... and I took pictures of the immensely ugly Jellyfish. Then it was on to the town of Seaside, where we went to the salt water taffy store(Who can take a sunrise), and searched for the perfect duck (for Kasey). I got to spin the wheel and I won a candy stick... and had my name go on the wall of fame??? I also got to meet the Beerwolf and Bigfoot (although I didn't really believe he was the real Bigfoot, because he kind of looked like a man wearing a furry costume.) After that we went to Goonie Rock... I did not find One Eyed Willy there... I didn't even see a pirate ship... I was only slightly disappointed though, because the view was beautiful. After all this site seeing we had worked up quite the appetite... so we ate seafood on the seashore. We ended the day when we got home by going out to eat ice cream... where I was taught Ice cream isn't just ice cream. What a great day!


Amie said...

It's First Beach! And Goonie Rock! (Have I ever told you I love that movie? we watch it faithfully every year on Halloween for some reason) I love living in the make-believe. Sounds like a fun day.

lvh said...

Glad you got the traditional picture in front of haystack rock - what would a trip to Oregon be without that picture. It can get pretty darn hot over there - think Val saves the hot weather for my trips west.