Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That was fun!!!

So I had to try it... Thanks Amie... I think Kenneth and I would of made quite the adorable couple back in the early 70s. He is especially good looking!
I'm going on a week of becoming the best Barista I can be. Today was the busiest day yet and I only messed up one order. It was crazy though, and I definitely was ready to come home after my shift. It was a good learning experience, but lets just say under pressure my mind makes the most mundane things seem difficult. I also got my first paycheck... and you know, for really enjoying myself, getting out of the house, and being around adult type people, I got payed fairly well. I think I love my job. Its unfortunate things are pointing to moving, because I could get used to working in such a great environment. Well that's it for now..... I've got coffee stained hands and the sound of ice blending in my head.


leaner said...

Yours look hilarious. I couldn't get my face in there correctly. I will have to try again.

Michelle said...

Forget the hair, Kenneth looks stoned. That's blackmail material right there!