Saturday, September 13, 2008

I can't believe I forgot these ones...

66. Tell me a random fact about yourself: I am a compulsive cougher, when I'm nervous I cough... I've tried to not do it... but I can't help myself.
69. favorite TV show as a youngster: I liked a lot of stuff... scooby doo, smurfs, Brady bunch, I dream of Jennie (I always wished I could be her), Bewitched... I loved all the reruns of the old stuff.

I like the smell of lilacs... I guess I didn't answer this because I couldn't settle on just one. There are so many lovely flowers each unique and wonderful in its own way. Wildflowers, roses, orchids, lily's, like people, each with there own thing to offer... some full of prickles some delicate and some just too much... how could I pick just one.

Oh and Leaner, of course I notice.... Kenneth don't read this part... okay... I don't really notice one particular thing about a guy first it's probably their vibe... you know whether they're creepy or not... I don't really have a type... although I like beefier guys... not to into guys that I could beat up... don't really notice the type of guy that looks like he's not had a good meal in a real long time... I like a guy that looks like he could lift me up over his head with one arm... so maybe that's good.... Vin Diesel kind of guys! As for Twilight Edward or Jacob... neither I pick Emmett.
Disclaimer: Johnny could neither lift me up over his head, and some times he looks underfed... but something about his quirky charm... hmmm yeah... nuf said.


Anonymous said...

I've never noticed you being a compulsive cougher. Now, whenever I hear you cough, I'll wonder if it's because your nervous and probably make a stupid comment to take the pressure off you. So, just think, I'll be compulsively (is that a word) waiting for your compulsive cough. We'll make a great team!


leaner said...

LOL, Emmett, huh? I always liked a thin guy, but Will is not, he is so opposite of all the things I used to like.