Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Too Caffinated

The kids are all in bed and I'm wide awake. I have two addictions as of late, blogging and caffination, Pepsi form.(Normally it's Coke, but Pepsi's 2.50 a 12 pack.) So here I am agian. I took 1 in to bed and told her to find her spot. She sleeps with us, and tonight Husband is on night shift, so we have the big King all to ourselves, gotta love night shift. I always tell her find your spot, and she crawls on up to the top of the bed with all the comfy pillows. That's all I ever ask. Find your spot sweety. Whatever this life brings you find the place that comforts you. Find the thing in life that makes you happy. And always let me be near by, just in case there's a monster under the bed, and believe me there are a lot of monsters out there, I may not be able to chase them all away, but I can try to make it less scary. Just find your spot, little one.


Pen-nut said...

Well, little sister, I'm here now. Joining the ranks of the bloggers. You have gotten my addicted. Although I have to admit my second addiction is chocolate, in the form of Hersheys kisses. Love ya!!

TLC said...

“Show me a man without vices and I’ll show you a man without virtues.”
— Abraham Lincoln, 16th American president (1809-1865)

If Caffeine is your only vice then I'd say you are good to go. I have a crack baby on my hands. Yes, Crispin is not one to sleep through the night w/out getting his dose. Sometimes 4-20 times a night. I will try to wean him only to give up so that the neighbors and I can get some sleep. After that he will sleep with one eye open and scream if I try to detach myself from him. Savage Beast! I guess if he's 5 and still like this then he will have to go through detox. I'm praying it doesn't get that bad!

tif-do said...

pen-nut YAAAYYY!, but where's the blog, common everyone's doin it! You know you want to. So much for pere preasure.

tlc-It won't get that bad and the day its said and done, you will wonder what happened to your little baby- Good Luck.