Friday, January 27, 2006


Kynzie came in sobbing at 1:12 lastnight. Of course she had a bad dream, and I told her she could camp out on my floor, because Kasey being very restless was already occupying my side of the bed. Kynzie continued to sob, and I being the very grouchy, tired, mom said, Honey it's just a dream, it's not real, go to sleep or go back to your bed, Nice, huh? So this morning I said, So what was that dream you had last night? She said It was a nightmare! Her music teacher Mr. Bratvold, had told them about the Passover angel of death? (her words not mine) and she dreamt that He came to kill everyone that wasn't wearing red, and she was not wearing red. I'm thinking it has something to do with Moses and the red paint on the doors, but who knows, I'm just thinking Thanks Mr. Bratvold!!

A memory of one of my nightmares was sparked when I read LVH comment about cur. Because I used to dream that little peaches kept coming back to life and I had to keep burying it. I actually did have to bury that dog 3 times, because the Dobermans kept digging it up. So sad!!!


leaner said...

Rhayn has nightmares, and often I can get her to tell me about them. I remember recently she told me that this guy was trying to suck out her brains with a straw! (SCARY!) So tell ing Will about it, he said it was probably because of the Simpsons. Great, tv is giving her nightmares! Not that it was the first tiem, she went through a phase of being afraid of "Dommies" (Zombies) and it was brought on by the Simpsons as well.

Um- maybe she should watch the Simpsons anymore? Or at least not the treehouse of horror ones!

(I also remember VIVIDLY some nightmares from my childhood, maggots were a source of my fear!)

Pen-nut said...

Isn't it hard when we're half asleep and just want our kids to sleep. Jazz had a dream the other night that we sent Jesse away to another family. Nice, huh? She didn't even come in and I didn't hear her cry, so I didn't know about it until the next morning. No telling what triggers bad dreams in our kiddos.