Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In the words of Dr. Phil, What are you passionate about? That seems to be the theme to my week. It started Monday night at the monthly PTA Board meeting, somehow this year I got roped, gagged and dragged to be the President. Its very intimidating and Monday night seemed to be even worse. I sit there mute surrounded by a group of women, I being the only ones whose education stopped at highschool. And that's okay, I chose my road, and probably had opportunities to change my path. When I was corrected for the third time in the night I thought, why am I hear? Is this worth my time? Is it worth the stress? Is it worth feeling like less of a person, because they talk in complete teacher sentences? So my story goes on, I came home, and woke up to a bleak Tuesday. What is my passion? I can tell you what it's not, it's not PTA, it's not babysitting, its not cleaning toilets, or cashiering at the Town Pump. I some how feel incomplete. Maybe spurred even more by Leaners quest to continue College, it puts me in a place of, WOW that's possible? Am I capable of such wonders? Or there's another side, do I want to go back to school, a place of dread, and discouragement? What's another path I could choose? Again the question rings loud, What's my passion? Something to work on. So my little goal to meet the big goals this week is to find what I truly love. Brainstorm! What is my passion?


leaner said...

I don't know what my passion is either. I know that finishing school, to me, is a big deal. I want to have the piece of paper that says i did it, and most of the classes are pretty easy (as long as you avoid hard ones, and hey there are fun classes, too. Depending on what you like- photography, ceramics, creative writing, etc.)

Just so you know, most teachers are NOT smarter than you, and in fact most teachers are only "smart" in one department. They excel in one place, english, science, math, and usually only worry about that. They are not well rounded. (Some are, I think I just met some really crappy teachers in my short employment at an elementary school.)

So, find that passion, find something that makes you feel whole, and RUN WITH IT!

Hayduke said...

I’m very happy you are not passionate about toilet cleaning. You didn’t ask for advice so I won’t offer any; however, I can tell you that anyone can return to college at any point in their life. I see them all the time and they are generally happy, their hands are no longer clinched, they can breathe deeply, and they are no longer full of regret.

On MLK day Slade and I had an opportunity to go and listen to 3 friends speak about becoming doctors. They were from New Jersey, seniors in high school, and knew how to steal cars but not get good grades. They happened to walk into a room holding a presentation by a local college and decided, then and there, to become doctors, they made a pact, and they did it. The gist of their presentation was that anyone can do it, which is something that I’ve always believed in. They weren’t any better than the other kids in their school or any smarter, they came from single parent homes and had absolutely no money; they simply worked hard and followed their dream. If you would like inspiration here is their website:

Alright, I have to offer advice, Tif-do you can do it, you live 60 miles from a University and you can do it if you want. It is hard and takes a long time but, for me, well worth it. Let me know if you need any help.

Oh yeah, tell those punk asses correcting you to F-off, they aren't any smarter or better than you are. You are a mother of 4 cool, great, marvelous kids which is much tougher and more educational than 4 years of college at any University.


Hayduke said...

Also, even when I have my PhD I would crap my pants if I had to sit in a meeting as the president of the PTA. You are brave, very brave.

TLC said...

yes brave on the president part! Even around here where people ooze w/ too much education - the PTA is full of "one uppers" The new president this year decided to be a "co-president" and have another person join her. I think it's worked out well for everyone. Could be an idea for you to bring someone on board with you. I stay as a an "at large member" If they need me - they contact me and if I am able to volunteer then I do.

Listen to your bro on going back to school. (but I still believe people are just as awesome w/out a degree) I do know if an opportunity presented itself for me to finish getting a degree then I would go for it - ONLY if I knew my kids were getting their needs met by me or dad and anyone that I could fully trust. And if I did go back to school - i would like to go back for something fulfilling like human services and work for non-profits or something like that. Long term goal? HMM? Could be. Keep your eyes open, seek God and trust your efforts will not go unnoticed!

TLC said...

here's a pin I wear on my fleece "every mother is a working woman" Here's to us mothers!

abeNanna said...

Working at a high school and spending as much time with "highly educated" individuals (I would curse there, but it just isn't in me) most of them are quite pompous. They feel that because they sat through hours of classes that they know as much as I do. How many of them can sew a wedding dress in two days? How many of them can deal with 5 children in a car on a camping trip for 10 days? How many of them can prepare an elegant dinner for 60 people at the church? The list goes on.

When you find your passion, can you help me? I can't talk too much about school, because leaner will yell at me. I think I owe her a class or two. You can go back to school, and if you have to, there are amazing on-line classes that may fit into your schedule. That is how dacheese is getting her education. Which, by the way, she managed to get two A's and a B last semester while birthing a child. (Proud parent moment here) Show me how many of these great minds could do that!!!

The next step for you Madame President is to run for school board, then you can conquer the world.....

tif-do said...

Well you know a day that started with a little blah moment, can certianly be brightened by the love of your family. Although my answer is not clear, you have all made my heart a lot lighter
Thank you and I love you all!