Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just Grateful

Each and every day I'm grateful for Kenneths job so that we can have the things we have. Each day I pray that he will be safe, and take it for granted the precautions taken to provide that safety. The regulations and rules followed to keep him protected under the ground. The strides the union makes for him to be in safe surroundings every time he goes in that hole. Today I'm especially grateful that he is safe. I sat up last night waiting with those families in West Virginia, in hopes they would find their family members alive. My heart celebrated along with them as they heard the flawed news that the men were alive. I went to bed with comfort knowing that miracles happen. Only to hear this morning that it was not truth. That in fact all but one was dead, and I mourn along with those families, feeling some how connected. I feel confused and cheated of that miracle.
It has made me aware of the things I should stop and be grateful for on this day.

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leaner said...

How awful, we didn't watch the news at night, so only heard the "real" news.

It does make you snuggle your hubby a little more. Thank goodness they are still with us.