Monday, March 20, 2006

Sister visit

Well the weekend is over. Darcey and her family were here. It was nice to visit with them. It's never long enouph, seeing family. It goes by so quickly and then you get all nostalgic about the past, and spending so much time together as a family. It's very good to see them even for a little bit though. I feel like I'm missing so much of their lives, but I suppose that's what happens when you grow up and apart. Of course you love your family, the one you grew up in, but your children and spouse take the most important role, and you live for them, and the other relationships you have take a back seat. The plus side to us all living miles and miles apart, is when I do see them (being any of my sibs) I try not to take it for granted, and just enjoy it. Well that was my weekend. On with the week.

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