Friday, July 28, 2006

Drive-in and New Clothes

This week has been simply a good one.
Let's start with Ten $ Tuesday. Somehow on Tuesday evening I simply suggested my Husband skip work and we go to the drive-in. (I have never in my life been to a drive in, well at least not that I can remember) He said find out what's playing. So I called and it just happen to be $10.00 Tuesday, which means a whole carload for ten dollars, and it was a double feature of Cars and Pirates of part 2 , as Lightning would say it KACHOW!!!. So we loaded up and went to the drive- in, I must be easy to impress, because I loved it. We didn't get home until 3 in the morning, but it was worth it anyway. Wednesday we ran to Billings and I got to get my Old Navy fix. Old Navy, Old Navy a wonderful wonderful treat!!! Thursday, Kenneth went to Wyoming to look into a new Job, possibly, sounds like a good opportunity. We'll see. Then today we went back to Billings and I got my Target fix. So I'm a lucky lucky girl. I'm totally exhausted from going to Billings 3 times in a week, but I think I finally got it out of my system. Tonight Ty-man is having a sleepover with several of his good buddies. We spent an hour filling up water balloons, it should be fun. And Wyatt will be home tomorrow, hooray!


Alex's Human said...

Sounds like a lovely week.. Where in Wyoming would you have to move?

tif-do said...

I wouldn't move anywhere. Kenneth would go back and forth.

lvh said...

Oh - drive in's - I miss them and you were extremely lucky to find two great movies to take the family too. I can remember as a kid going to the drive in in Safford. We'd get there early and us kids would run up to the front where they had swing sets and playground equipment and we'd play until time for the movie to start - then rush back to the car. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Love ya

Anonymous said...

I need to have a meeting with Kenneth. When I spoke with him over the phone he said he had a horrible case of the runs.

Kenneth's Boss