Friday, August 18, 2006

You know I've gotten many a mixed tape in my day. You know the kind of tape that has a variety of tunes on it, maybe even recorded off the radio, with static and a advertisement cut off half way. I've gotten mixed tapes from my brother (which were my prized possessions, and I still own most of them), introducing me to The Violent Femmes, NIN, and Janes Addiction. I've gotten mixed tapes from friends, with their favorites, my favorites, and maybe a Disney Soundtrack song. I used to have a tape with my oldest friend, singing, talking, and songs all rolled into one. Who knows, I may of even gotten a tape from a boy, years and years ago, I can't remember getting one, but it could of happened. Anyway, there is a point to all of this. The other day I jokingly told my husband that when your in love with someone you make them a mixed tape. He took my teasing seriously, and out of that came the CD that will get me through the rest of my life. I associate music with a lot of things in my life. And through simple song, he took me back to the biggest memories of our relationship. There was "Our Song", you know the song you hear on the radio when your dating and think "ahhh, just like us." The song we danced to at our wedding. Songs, that I used to listen to over and over at home. Songs that are old, songs that are new, and some songs that are just well, fun. It's amazing what mood the right songs can put you, and these songs are songs that make everyday a little happier, because I know that my husband loves me.


amiedanny said...

That is sooo sweet. One of my favorite mix tapes is from when Dan and I were dating. I still love it, if not necessarily for each and every song, but for the memories it invokes. We now don't even own anything that will PLAY tapes, so I need to get those songs on a CD

You and I used to tape! That was so fun!

Pen-nut said...

What a sweet husband you have. I have a CD LaMont burned for my birthday one year awhile ago, and it is what I still put in when I'm having an off day. It helps so much to be able to feel someone loves you.

leaner said...

Ah- so sweet. You really have a great hubby!
I love absolutely love finding mixed tapes, it really is a snapshot of how I was feeling at a particular time. And hey that was how I found my tape of Grandpa singing and talking- its on the B-side of a mix tape!