Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here comes the sun la la la la!!!

What is up with the weather.... did someone forget to wake mother nature up from her winters sleep???? 50 degrees is not, and I repeat, IS NOT a winter temperature! It is not warm and toasty, I have not been able to break out my nice summery attire, because I have been stuck in a sweatshirt and pants for what seems like eternities (probably just a couple of days, but I'm hating the coldness that's creeping from the whipping wind that never seems to stop blowing here in windy Big Twig.) And this morning seemed so promising the sun started shining and for a brief moment I looked to the heavens and shouted "Hooray Sun!!!" I didn't really shout at it, but I did bask in it's loveliness, just so the sneaky clouds could come and hide it once more, with the bully wind shoving me back inside. NOT FUN!!! Summer is suppose to be warm, hot even... and its June, clearly a summer month. And further more, when it's rainy and windy ants don't come out, and had it not been for the kindness of some sweet little children (NOT MINE), who went out and caught ants when the sun was shining, my nice little pygmy short horned lizards, would have had nothing to eat today... so thanks to them, and no thanks to cold!!!

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lvh said...

Summer officially starts June 21 so there is still hope. I know it's been a long winter but the crowds in IGA in Red Lodge prove to me that summer is here. In 2001 it snowed on June 13 - I don't mind the 50 degree temperature if the wind would just disappear.