Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cold Cold Water

I should not complain at all because this is the reason we live here (or so I keep telling myself) The weather here has been absolutely beautiful here the last week. Just the perfect temperature for spending time out doors. I leave the windows open at night and a cool breeze fills the whole house. It's been great. One complaint is our usually heated pool, has been broken the last few weeks, so when the air cools down at night so does the water in the pool. And at 9:00am when Kasey's swim lessons are... its fffffreezing, the temperature outside according to my trusy car thermometer said 57 degrees. Her little chin quivers and her body gets all splotchy. It's not good, and I feel so bad for her, I feel like an abusive mom making her get in there. This kid doesn't tolerate temperature changes at all, so basically I've been cursing our lovely Montana weather... because it's summer it should be hot enough that a kid can swim in comfort.


Michelle said...

My kids skipped yesterday and Dylan came home early today. He woke with the sniffles, and I totally think it's because he's been spending an hour in that cold water. Actually, I'm a little irritated that it isn't fixed yet.

Alex's Human said...

NO! Don't wish anything to be warmer!!

Did you happen to see that we're going to be having record HEAT here thurs-sat?? I apologize in advance for what will surely be a warm house... But all this heat should mean that you'll be able to get in the water at the coast :)

See you tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! I'll be thinking of you at Phantom.


Amie said...

so hard to imagine 57 degrees and a cold pool in august!