Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

So first of all... The Good... In 4 days I fly all by my lonesome to Portland. SO EXCITING. I am so looking forward to this trip you could not even tell, I'm sure. My only problem is me being the country bumpkin that I am, I really am not sure what to wear to such an event. Do you wear just regular ole clothes, do you dress up a bit. What does one wear to PHANTOM? Oh so cool, just saying it, is cool! If I get caught up in all the excitement later and forget to mention... Thank you Alex's Human... Thank you very much!

On to the bad... which being all sunbeams and smiles I have put my positive spin on things... My good friend the one that wasn't moving, that was going to stay for a little while longer... well it was all a farce... she is moving, while I'm away this weekend she will be loading a truck and moving to the BIG CITY! But I have told her that I will not say goodbye, but instead will use her living in the BIG CITY as an excuse to go there and do fun girlie things! So it may be a good thing, and I will have a social life out side the realm of Big Twig. So it's bad, in a Help one of my daycare kids got there leg stuck in a chair, and I need to call someone quick, kind of way, but not in the loosing a friend kind of way, because I'm not loosing her. Who knows maybe we'll do even more now!

The Ugly... I was reading an article on aging gracefully a little while ago, and while I very often feel hip and cool, the whole kid in high school thing is starting to wear me down. My kids age me, and I mean that in the most negative way possible. Because Wyatt is so darned old, it makes me have the appearance of age, even if in my mind I'm the cutest girlie on the block, people usually take me for a much older lady, maybe this is the price I have to pay, for, lets say choosing to start my family early... LOL. (not to make a joke out of it, but quite frankly I've made my peace with my mistakes... or blessings, and can now look back with nothing but, WOW what a crazy kid I was, I'm so glad I grew up!) (Sorry went way off the track on that one) Anyhoo, I hate to drown in my sorrows but I feel darn old, with the boy heading off to High school, and not even just that, but scared silly that I have not given him enough armor to fight the real battle. On top of that my baby is going to go to preschool, and it just makes me sad. Leaner hit a good point with her whole blog today. And if your like me, a little of that hurt, of letting go, never goes away, because your always letting go of something. They are always growing and changing. THIS IS ALL TOO TOO CRAZY! I'm happy for my children's chance to grow up and become Big People. But its all happening so quickly... its time I can't get back, there is no do overs, and no second chances with your kids... and all I can do now is start today, to do all those things I always meant to do and never did, before I run out of time. I have 4 years left to leave a good impression on Wyatt and hopefully not do any permanent damage in the process. And also keep a young heart and mind along the way... and maybe when Kynzies a teenager they will think I'm her sister instead of her mom... HA HA HA!


Michelle said...

I think we should just reserve 12-12-08 with C right now and plan a girls' night to go see the Twilight movie!! And as far as Wyatt in high school and feeling old, won't you feel great when he has to say to his friends, "Dude, quit checking out my mom!" because you are so very cute, and hey, you're younger than me if that makes you feel any better.

leaner said...

You will never be old in my book. Having your kids young means you will get to enjoy the adults that they become for longer. I try to remind myself of that. I know that my mom enjoys her adult children and the little ones that they bring into her life. If she was older maybe she wouldn't still be out hiking and geocaching with us.

Ok, I am trying REALLY hard to see the bright side of things. Its not easy, is it?

Anonymous said...

I don't see you ever being the "old" mom.


Alex's Human said...

One would wear clothes to see Phantom.. Yes, clothes are definitely a must.. As for what type, there will surely be people there dressed up and not quite so dressed up and at least one person who feels it's appropriate to go in shorts and a t-shirt (not so much).. You decide how dressed up you wanna get and I'll follow your lead..

As for me, I'm still debating my attire, contingent on just how ugly hot it is Friday.. Seriously don't understand why it must always be hot when guests are in town!! (the past two weeks have been perfect, in the 70's. this weekend it's looking like 90!) But at least that means it'll be perfect weather for when we go to the coast on Saturday :)

And being as there is no sales tax in Oregon, you could always go shopping for something to wear once you get here, if you'd like..

Also, you are very much welcome.. Besides, I'm surely as excited as you are.. Ok, back to cleaning house for me... ;p

Amie said...

heh heh..You still are totally cool to me. Coming from one old mom to another. ;) Oh and when we went to "Phantom" several years ago, and when we went to "Wicked" this summer, we noticed that some people were dressed to the nines while others wore shorts. I wanted to get a fancy experience out of it all, so we dressed up. =) enjoy! be safe!

Amie said...

oh by the way, your new blog is perty!

abeNanna said...

Just remember you will always be way younger than a lot of us. Besides leaner is right - you will be able to still be young enough to enjoy your kids and grandkids and on and on. Enjoy every moment - don't wish any of it away and you won't regret what you didn't have time to do. Love ya