Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Know What They Say About Big FEET!

I'll apologize in advance... but couldn't help but post this picture. I will post even more wonderful pictures of my trip tommorow.


Alex's Human said...

Oh my.. I can't believe that you put that up! You are ridiculous :)

Hope you had as much fun while you were here as I did. Come back when we're not having record heat and I'll take you to all other cool places to see.. Thanks for taking the heat with you, by the way. It seriously cooled off as soon as you left, and now it's 70 and perfect outside.

Amie said...

ho ho. ha ha. hee hee.

leaner said...

Wow... I would totally post that, too. Did it make you laugh until you cried when you saw it?

Anonymous said...