Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 1: The Many Adventures Of Sacacawea

I arrived in Portland Oregon on a wonderfully hot day wearing jeans and a black t-shirt... probably the wrong attire for as hot as it was.... who knew... you think of Oregon and you think cloudy and rainy... a place wear vampires can be out in the middle of the day. But it was quite sunny and well downright warm. I have to say I was immediately amazed by this city tucked in the greenery. And the bridges lots and lots of bridges. Very pretty! Our first stop was the Rose Gardens to find a cache, and after a hike through Fern Gully (I was for sure there was fairies and gnomes just waiting to jump out and get me) we found the cache we were looking for. And a lovely statue of Sacajawea. After this we went to eat at a church turned Pub. I loved it! I ate cheese steak! After a stop at Alex's Humans house, and picking up CAT we went to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D. This is when I made the only stressful decision of the whole trip... I had to pick the butter topping for the popcorn.

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Amie said...

I love your pose! What's up with the stinking heat and sunshine! Sheesh! No vampire sightings for you that day!