Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bloggity Stuff

SO because I've always dreamed of becoming a strange cult leader... and having followers of my very own please go to the new gadget down there that says "Look who stopped by" and become a follower.... I'm not sure what will come of it... but I'm thinking it will be full of wonderment and niceties.

I also added a link to my new job. Day 2 was super. I dreamt about making coffee all night, and today seemed to be much easier. Plus I have a super boss/friend, that is just full of goodness. In the few years that I've known her, I've hardly ever heard her say a negative word, so its really easy to work for her. Plus every day that I work there I get a free drink, so my goal is to try every non coffee item that they have so I can tell people what I think (today I tried the White Chocolate Symphony with a shot of coconut, it was very, very yummy). I also got to make the whipped cream today... so I got to pick the color... I picked yellow, like the sun. Really a cool place to work.

Another thing I did today is browsed through some local bloggers... there are so many. So many creative, funny, devoted, people out there that find some escape in sharing their words. It's very awe making to be part of such a big community of fellow bloggers.

And last thought of blogging for today: Have you seen the live site feeds on some peoples blogs. This scares me. I don't want people to think I'm a stalker... I'm defiantly addicted to checking on all my blogger family favorite reads everyday... I like to see how you all are doing... but generally I don't read about people I don't know, but every once in awhile I like to browse. So if you see Big Twig on your live feed... don't be alarmed I'm not a member of The Freemen , just a house wife/coffee maker extra-ordinary, lady with a little blog addiction. Further more I will not be adding a live feed to my own blogger page... because sadly to say I check my own blog quite a bit and that would just be embarrassing... Big Twig.. Big Twig... Big Twig.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm okay with blog stalkers myself! But you are can be very embarrassing to see my name up over and over again on my Live, I turn off the switch that allows it to recognize my browser...

Don't ask me where the switch is...I just press the thing that says..."Don't recognize this browser"

I loved reading some of your posts!

Michelle said...

Actually, you come up as Kerney, Nebraska on my site meter. My favorite Crazy Bean drink is a Chocolate-Mint Steamer (Creme de menthe, not peppermint), and the boss lady makes it best. Try it out sometime. Oh, and I feel special that I'm your first groupy. Maybe we should have shirts printed-- Tif-do's faithful followers. One for me and one for the anonymous ~C.