Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trying Something New...

I guess its time for me to step out of my shell again and try some new things, because how will you know what you like if you don't try it right. Last night I was invited to attend ladies open gym at the school to play basketball. The last time I played basketball on a real team I was 2 years short of a drivers licence.... so it's been awhile. I got there with basketball shorts on and with doubt in my mind (what am I doing here???). And with no explanation at all, I was put on a team and the game had started. I felt a little insecure and blown away by it all, but it was fun, and I sweated profusely, and I worked out a lot of stress running up and down the court. Who knows maybe I'll go back next week... it can only get better right.
Then today, I started a new job... at Crazy Bean Coffee shop, Beings that I don't drink coffee, or even know much about it, this was a whole new world to me. And why do coffee drinkers think they have to rename everything? If you want small say small... really guys its simple. But anyhow there are a lot of different ways to drink a cup of coffee and I only memorized a few so far... and that's not counting that this place sells smoothies and sodas, and paninis. So it was crazy busy, and I have a lot still to learn. But I can see it could be a real fun place to work. And I thought I knew a lot of people in this town, but really I've only met the tip of the iceberg. I feel its really a time for growth for me... and I hope to continue to grow and learn.


Anonymous said...

How fun to be working at Crazy Bean!! I bet you will meet a whole new group of people there.
I started my new job today also. It was mostly cleaning off the tile and joints to be ready to grout tomorrow. I'm glad to be learning a new skill.


leaner said...

I have always wanted to work at a coffee shop, but Denny's was the closest I came.

Good for you, getting out of your shell, its really hard for us turtles.

Amie said...

good for you! good luck! (I'd be scared to death!) And Leaner: mmmm, Denny's. Weak spot. My heart. Bingo. (lame, I know)